Waterhead Over the Years

Article on Waterhead

Article on Old Toll House Waterhead

Picture of Old Toll Cottage.


Newspaper cutting

Newspaper picture

Outside the County.

Brathay Rocks 1904.

The River Rothay.

Waterhead about 1898.

The Wateredge Hotel and the Regent.

The farm

Hydroplane over Waterhead, 1917

Waterhead Esplanade 1930's.

This picture was taken at Brathay Rocks.

Windermere was frozen completely in 1894/95

Waterhead before 1890.

S.Y. "Cygnet" & "Teal" off Ambleside

Skating on Rydal Lake

Skating on Windermere

Miss Emgland II

The Waterhead Hotel in the 1920s

Article on Boats on Windermere

Waterhead circa 1920.

The Esplanade 1940's.

Waterhead 1870-1880.

Waterhead Circa 1880.

Waterhead Circa 1880.

Waterhead 1910.

The original Waterhead Hotel

Waterhead before the turn of the 20th century.

A View of Waterhead Bay 1870.

The Early Ferry Boat.

The old Swan at Waterhead.

Early 20th Century.

The Head of Windermere before 1910.

Coaches meeting the steamer

The Romney Hotel just prior to its demolition, 1988

The new Romney Grange, 1990

Waterhead by H Bell

Newspaper cuttings

The Queen's visit to Waterhead 1956.

A Beautiful Spring Day at waterhead

The Romney Monkey Puzzle Tree

The Esplanade

A peaceful view

Wonderfull Waterhead

21st Century Transport

Steve Parson's popular old bus

Another alternative mode of transport

Waterhead on a Sunny Day, 2008.

Waterhead Floods Oct 2008

Waterhead from the Lake

Waterhead from Loughrigg, July 2007

Article about the lake steamers

The Big Freeze, January 1963

The First Water Skiers

This was the Esplanade,

The Present Lake Steamers.

The Boat Landings at Waterhead.

A peaceful yatching scene on Windermere.

And now sailboarding.

Waterhead from Borrans Park

Harold and his horse and cart

Stepping Stones, Early 1900's

Stepping Stones, Early 1900's.

Waterhead Enhancement Plan